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What Should Be Done To Reduce Early Pregnancy In Students?

According to recent statistics made by advanced doctors, it is said that the number of students getting pregnant in schools is incresing at a high rate.

The government should put up some measures on how to control this because many students are dropping out of schools.

Those people found impregnating small children should be imposed the most highest fine for others to learn a lesson .

Students should be also guided by their parents on importance of education because it is the only key to succesiful life. Many students nowdsys do not know the importance of education hence the government should create awareness on the importance of education.

Sex education should also be offered to them so that they understand their safe days which can help them play safe.

Some students should just be imposed on heavy punishment so that to be serious with life.

Parents should also act as an example to their children so as they can emulate their behaviour.

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