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The Abandoned Age - Depression Among Teens and Young Adults.

Walk into typically any home right now. This is probably what you will notice: A child, probably under 10 years, crying for something (let's say a sweet.) A college boy or girl seated somewhere quite, ideally browsing through his/her smartphone in a suicide reddit or telegram channel or posting some dark humour jokes on whatsapp. Finally, you will see a parent or parents who's sole purpose would be to deal with the crying child. A cake here. A few coins there. Case closed. Everything is fine. Or... Is it?

Over the years, focus has shifted completely away from teenagers and young adults who are "supposed" to wake up everyday and build the nation - or the home! All the egg-care has been directed to old people - and here I mean old as in very old - and tolders. There is absolutely no advocate for the teens and this might just be a pandemic waiting to happen. Actually, it is already happening! The fact that you are reading this is an indication that something is absolutely wrong and needs fixing ASAP or else - well, you know, right? Wrong! You don't know. No one knows how much of a mess we are getting into. But a quick guess? It is really bad.

The main reason young adults are suffering from depression and anxiety attacks is, to begin with, being ignored. Parents nowadays really don't have time for their teens. As long as college fees is paid, a few clothes bought and the electricity bill settled, the teens are left to navigate alone this journey of life while all the attention goes to young children who, ironically, are viewed as a thing of beauty rather than a promise of the future. Have you noticed how parents are competing to give their newborns the "coolest" names? How about having them get "unique" hairstyles?

A few years ago, it was common knowledge that teens and young adults were the happiest group of human beings. All they had to do was wake up, eat breakfast, work some hours in the farm then go to play soccer in the evenings or sneak out boy and girl, girl and boy a little. It was all fun and games. Until it wasn't anymore. Just go to insta stories and notice how every teen is now claiming to be an introvert and "please don't call me, a text is enough!"

Suicide case have ridiculously gone up as a result of this silent treatment of teens and young adults. Their social life has been completely altered to the worst and now even their health is taking a dive down the alley. Drug use has never been as high as it is now and this isn't even due to crookedness as most of us are made to believe. The best shot we have at salvaging our teens and young adults is listening to them and guiding them. Not signing them up for crap "classy" courses!

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