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12 things a parent should never do in front of their children

Numerous things come with being a parent, and children in general have the potential to absorb not only words, but also deeds. When you have children in your life, there are certain things you simply cannot do in their presence.

The following are a few of these items, courtesy of Victor Salamba, whose excellent piece recently made the rounds on social media.

Undressing or Changing Your Clothes in Front of Them:

This is a common blunder, especially when a parent believes the child is too young to understand.However, if they are able to identify your face and differentiate you from others, they will understand what they are seeing. This error impairs their ability to establish and maintain boundaries.

Watching Sexually Explicit Films with Them:

This does not mean pornography, though it does fall into this category, but rather some of the films and television shows that have extremely explicit sexual content. By watching these with your child, you forfeit your moral authority as a teacher of sexual values.

Using Curse Words or Insults in Their Presence:

I'm not sure why a human being must use profanity and extremely demeaning language to communicate with another human being. However, doing so in front of a youngster is far worse since you instill in them an uncontrolled hard mentality and a disrespectful spirit.

Becoming Drunk in Front of Them:

A simple reality is that when your child or children witness you getting drunk, they immediately lose respect for you. They cast doubt on your authority as a parent after witnessing you lose control.

Introducing Them to the Person With Whom You Are Having an Affair:

One of the most irresponsible and selfish things a parent can do is introduce their child to the person who is causing the family to fall apart. Your youngster is aware of this. This does not demonstrate or educate them how cool you are, but rather how self-centered you are. This always leaves an indelible mark on their hearts towards you.

Physically Arguing Their Mother or Father in Front of Them:

The last thing a child wants to see is his or her parents fighting in front of them. This has a long-term effect on children and breaks them for life, as well as potentially breaking their own families.

Failure to Teach Them to Knock Before Entering the Master Bedroom:

This teaches them from an early age to respect limits.

Taking the Side of the Housekeeper or an Outsider in Their Presence:

This does not mean that you will always defend them when they are incorrect. This implies that you should address the allegation and reprimand privately. Assemble your children in one of the rooms and confront the charge presented by the House-help. This instills a sense of respect in them, even if you discipline them.

Our Children's Names Are Appropriate:

The names we give our children are adequate. The issue arises when you, as a parent, begin addressing them or branding characters on them as if they were their given names. Bear in mind that whatever you call your children as a parent, they become. Correct them, but do not brand them as the perpetrators of the offense.

Having Sex in Their Company:

This relates to No. 1 above. Make no assumption that they are asleep, deaf, or unaware. Children should never be heard or seen having sex with their parents. That is why I am a firm believer that once a child has completed the required six months of exclusive breastfeeding, a plan should be initiated for the child's relocation to another room. This promotes self-reliance.

Reliance on Them Emotionally:

No parent should rely on their children for emotional assistance. If your marriage is failing, seek external assistance. Do not weep in front of your children. As a result, they are emotionally unstable, as they lack the strength to carry you emotionally.


Never Make a Promise You Cannot Keep:

Regardless of the size, never make a promise you cannot keep. This tells kids that you can get by in life by abdicating responsibility, and they will never trust you.

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