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Benefits And Effects Of Family Planning In Women

It is a voluntary decision for a person or a team to decide when to begin the birth with how many children, how long and when to stop giving birth.


Family planning has benefits for women, men, children and society at large.

1. It helps the mother to return to her normal state following pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

2. The mother will be in good health.

3. The mother will have a good time restoring good health before getting another pregnancy.

4. It allows her to serve her family and have a better life.

5. The child will receive all the services, education, clothing, food and love from his or her parents.

6. The mother gets a good time to engage in economic activities, development on her family and society at large.

7. Father and mother have a good time to work on their personal issues.

Family planning is used by both women and men, childless or those with children, married or married, unable to marry or who are able to marry.

Best time to use family planning

1. Family planning is best used from the ages of 20 years to 35 years old.

2. Pregnancy Is a risk for a mother who gives birth under 20 years or gives birth at 35-year and above.

3. Partners are required to wait at least two years before having a child.

Types of family planning

There are many methods of family planning as follows:-

Short-term methods

These are the ways which you can change them at any time. You can also get pregnant at any time when you stop using them,

These methods are good for a mother who wants to have a baby after two years.

Long-term methods

This is the birth control that is best for a mother who wants to have a baby after two or more years.

Effects of family planning

1. Lack of periods at all or having short periods.

2. Loss of hair on the forehead.

3. increased weight.

4. behavioral changes.

5. Severe headache.

6. Pressure problems.

7. Bruising on the body.

8. Heart problems.

9. Fibroids in the cervix.

10. Hormones disrupting the body.

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