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Your Children Will Pick Up These Habits From You

Here are some of the habits that your children, as well as mine, will pick up from us.

How you treat their mother is important.

Your children will treat your wife with respect and dignity if you are kind, sharing, giving, supportive, caring, and treat her with respect and dignity. However, if you treat her in a humiliating, aggressive, frustrated, or nasty manner, you can bet your children will do the same.

How you handle your finances.

If you are in debt up to your ears or spend money frivolously, your children will do the same, and this trait will follow them into adulthood. They'll imitate the same lack of accountability that they witnessed in you. They will be in debt as well. They will do the same if you use knowledge, keep to a budget, save, and plan.

What you do to other people and how you treat them.

If you're continuously using people for your own advantage, or if you're always denigrating or mistreating the people you meet, your children will pick up on it. Though you treat a waitress or a bank teller as if they are garbage, they will treat others the same way. However, if you treat other people with kindness and respect, especially those who provide a service like waitressing, your children will do the same.

You have a great deal of character and honesty.

If you cheat, they will find out. They can tell if you say one thing and then do something completely different. They're paying attention to the way you talk about people you meet in public or the annoying neighbor who gets on your nerves. When you are confronted with a crisis or false charges, people are watching how you respond. The level of character or integrity you choose to live by, or not live by, has a significant impact on how your children live.

The standard by which you spend your life.

Guess what happens if you overeat, overspend, sleep too much, fall behind on your payments, drink too much, let the home go, take shortcuts all the time, or make excuses for poor choices? Your children will, too! If you choose to live a disciplined life, however, your children will make better (and healthier) life choices!

You are so generous.

If tithing to your church, giving to a charity, or supporting a cause isn't at the top of your priority list, it won't be on your kids'. Your children will follow suit if you refuse to serve. They will notice if you sign up for a worthwhile cause and then slack off and choose not to put out a great effort. If they see someone who lives with a giving spirit, always reaches out to those who have the least, and gives from a full heart, they will model their behavior after that person and become people who give, love, and serve with full hearts!

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