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Six Ways You Can Improve Your Baby's Talent

To build your child's mind and personality and develop his or her intellect correctly you have to do the following things for him to become smart in any corner of life.1. Train your child to follow a healthy and consistent lifestyle, such as eating, and to stay away from ready-to-eat (canned, sandwich, etc.) and canned foods.

2. Keep your child from learning to be active and sitting idle for hours. Encourage him to leave home, to play, especially sports that require physical activity, because a healthy bod y is in a healthy mind.

3. Respect your child's aggression, wanting to know and learn about everything he or she sees, answer all the questions he or she asks, and the things he or she asks himself or herself about, all the time. The intelligence and the way he can understand or respond, and help him with everything he wants to achieve.4. Allow your child to interact with other children of his age, and know that this interaction is a way for you to develop the peace and social intelligence of your child.

5. Be careful not to punish your child for wrongdoing, and avoid corporal punishment and beatings.

6. Practice reading with your child, especially reading stories and plays, and the best times are before going to bed, and it is a good idea to read one story at a time. Do not worry that the child will not be able to understand the story or events, because the brain is recording it, and one day he will see that it is well adapted to it.

Thank you for your time I hope it will help you. comment and share.

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