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Choosing Contraceptives.

Unplanned pregnancies have become the daily anthem not only here in Kenya but worldwide. This has been the case due to increased sexual interaction even among the teens. But as it always goes, prevention is better than cure. Here are some of family planning methods you can use to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Birth control implant. This is the most commonly used method as far as family planning is concerned. Using a needle,the doctor puts a matchstick sized rod with progestin under the skin of the less active arm. It offers a long term protection against pregnancy but can also be reversed when someone wants to conceive. There's one that lasts for three months,three years and five years.

Progestin IUD. It is a hormonal birth control method where a t-shaped coil is inserted into the uterus. The copper in the coil makes the uterus environment unbearable for sperms and therefore the implantation cannot take place. It can however cause lighter periods or no periods at all .

Emergency pills. These are pills taken after an emergency which could be rape or defilement. According to doctor's advice,they shouldn't be taken for more than twice in a year.

P and O pills .These are birth control pills that should be taken everyday at the same time. For breastfeeding mums,they should take them up to six months and once the baby is six months, then the mother should start taking the combined pills.

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