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Pregnant Ladies, Eat These 4 Foods to Induce And Easy Labor During Delivery

Labor pain is the most scary experience that most women wish to skip. This process is usually different for every expectant mothers, some women experience long hours of labor pain while others short hours. Did you know that your daily diet while pregnant can ease your labor pain?

If you are in your last trimester incorporate these delicious natural foods into your daily diet, in order to induce and ease labor pain.

Red raspberries

Red raspberry leaf is highly enriched with essential vitamins A, C,B and E which have the ability to promote hormonal balance in pregnant women. It can also strengthen and tone your uterus. If regularly consumed the red raspberry tea can help to trigger contractions in the uterus. Drink at least 3 cups a day.

Green pawpaw

Raw green papaya are fully packed with an enzyme known as papain, while pawpaw leaves contain latex which can also help in inducing uterine contractions.


Dates are very beneficial to both the mother and the fetus's development. While pregnant eating at least 3 dates a day is highly encouraged.

Cumin tea

It is a miraculous herb that has plenty of healthy benefits. It can reduce bloating, induce menstrual cycle and treat digestive system problems. Cumin tea can also facilitate in inducing and easing labor pain.

Also remember to exercise while using these foods.

Safe delivery.

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