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Pregnancy period

Georgina Reveals Some Of The Complications She Received After Birth.

Pregnancy is indeed one of the hardest journey as a woman. This is because labour has never been easy and at times the pregnancy itself is not easy. This is because during pregnancy one can experience heartburn, fatigue, extreme hunger, constant urination and many other symptoms.

Georgina has revealed some of her pregnancy hurdles which included severe heartburn especially in her third trimester. However Georgina never carried her baby to full term because the baby chose to come early.

Georgina has Revealed that the only complication she has received in her entire pregnancy journey is severe painful cramps and constant back aches. However Tyler Mbaya who is Georgina's husband said that Georgina is one of the strongest women that he knows since she opted for normal delivery and was so strong to push.

However Georgina revealed that she will take time before thinking about conception again. See screenshots of Georgina's Instagram Stories page Below.

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Georgina Tyler Mbaya


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