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Pregnancy period

Effects Of Frequently Using Emergency Pills

Girls and young women have been using emergency pills commonly known as P2 to prevent pregnancy after playing adult games without protection.

This medicine is readily available since they are sold in chemist at 100 shillings. Most of them use them wrongly because any time they play adult games without protection they take the pills. 

The pills can protect pregnancy up to 95 percentage by making male gametes to be weak,hence cannot fertilize female gametes. It also prevent the release of female gametes.

Side effects of using this pills frequently are many, but most women don't care about it as long as they have used it to solve their problem at that time.

The pills can prevent pregnancy, but cannot prevent the spread of diseases that are transmitted when playing adult games.

According to the doctors, these pills can be taken only once in four months and four times in a year. Some women take them severally in a month without knowing it's side effects.

The pills sometimes can cause too much discharge, leading to the endometrium becoming thin.

Endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus where the fetus attaches itself, and if the endometrium becomes thin chances of becoming pregnant is reduced 

For women who have frequently used this pills and is experiencing heavy bleeding as a result of this, please see a doctor because it might not be a good sign.

Frequent use of emergency pills reduces chances of pregnancy or cause delay of getting pregnant when you are ready for one because it causes hormonal imbalance.

The P2 pills are supposed to be used for emergency cases, that is if one is defiled then she can use it to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They should not be used for birth control.

So instead of using emergency pills when having good times frequently, use other methods of protection and avoid regrets in the future.

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