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When Is The Right Time To Have Babies?

Note that not every lady wants to have babies .Some want to live their lives without kids reasons well known to them. And then there is us who want babies. We always wish the best for the unborn and that's why we have to plan before we bring those souls to life.

This is where a sequence of questions come in. When is the right time? What is the right age?Although women can get babies at the age of even 12, Studies show that the best age is in late 20's and early 30's. This also doesn't mean women at their 40's can't have babies. It depends with their bodies. We have different bodies.

That said, here is when I think the right time is :

When You Are Financially Stable .

Before you decide to have kids, make sure you are well off financially. Don't sire children you can't provide for. If you can't afford a nice meal for the kids and of course good education and clothing, please re-think. But if you got pregnant when you hadn't planned, you can still keep the baby and run errands for them.

When You Have Support.

Raising a kid isn't easy. You'll need someone to help you. You'll need someone to be physically present to assist you with baby sitting. If you don't have the support, it will be very hard although it is not impossible.

When You Are Emotionally Ready.

Raising a baby needs emotional stability. Imagine when a baby is crying and you can't hold it but cry also. You should be able to withstand difficult situations and also stressful circumstances.

When You Are Mentally Stable.

Mental stability includes psychological, social and emotional well being. It affects how we act, feel and cope with life. As you are supporting a life, you must be mentally stable.

When You Are Physically Ready.

You must be ready to undergo the changes that will occur on your body. Stretch marks maybe, or gaining weight. You must be willing and ready to carry the baby in your womb knowing that it wouldn't be comfortable, you will no longer eat some foods or go out.

You should therefore let no one decide for you when you should get babies. Let no one tell you you are too old or too young. We all have different plans. Maybe you wish to have babies early , or maybe late, as long as you qualify per the above , you are good to go. All the best !

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