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7 Things you Should never Forbid your Child from Doing

Asking question

Most people do ask question when they do not understand something, especially children. The answers we give to them expand their knowledge and understanding about something. As a child grows up, he or she learns more about the world, naturally they find more and more questions. Some questions children ask might be very tricky and different to answer.


Most parents discourage their children from their children; the children then grow up knowing that crying is for the weak. What you have to understand is that children’s emotions are so deep than adults; do not shame them for tears. Instead, let them understand why they are crying and help them get over the matter

Say no

You child should not be a subject to anyone, teach them how to stand for themselves sometimes and when to say no. forbidding them to saying no might affect them even in future where you will find that your child does anything he or she is told to do by anyone. 

Be noisy

Kids love playing and making noise, most adults do not like noise at all. So they might shut them up or even tell them to go make some noise elsewhere. What you have to remember is that this is the only time of their lives they will be free to do so, don’t spoil your kids’ childhood

Being afraid

Children might be afraid of various things like darkness, a doctor, an animal or even certain relatives, and that is fine. Do not act against their feeling or make fun of it, just try to understand the main issue and explain to them that you will always be there for them, let you kid understand that they can trust you.

Having secrets

Most of understand that as a kid grows up, the more he or she needs her privacy and starts having secrets. Always make sure u know what is going on in your child’s life and do not trespass. Your kids trust is priceless; do not violate their privacy by uncovering their secrets especially to other people

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