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Parents In Molo Urge Action On Drug Abuse Among School Children

Reporting to the National TV today, some parents from Molo have urged the government to take action against those children who abuse drugs and those who sell the drugs to school going children.

One of the parents said that children have become stubborn at home due to the use of bhang and they do not know those who sell it to them. The parent said that bhang should not be legalised at all because it will mislead most learner's. This comes after the Roots party leader professor George Wajackoya said in his manifesto that he would legalise bhang farming if elected president of Kenya.

Another parent said that those culprits selling bhang and other drugs to school going children should be arrested and dealt with appropriately. The parents were not happy with the situation that some of their kids are into claiming that the children change their good habits to bad habits after using drugs and some become criminals.

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