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Signs That You Are Carrying A Dead Or Unhealthy Baby In Your Womb A Pregnant Mother

Being a mother is not an easy task. Thanks to our women; mothers who gave birth and took a hard task of feeding us. If a mother realizes that she is carrying a healthy pregnancy, it becomes joy to her, family and even the society. It is therefore very important if the pregnancy goes on well and expectancy ends thus a successful birth!

What about other complications which may make the mother fear or uncomfortable of what she is carrying in the womb? Let us see some of these bad signs that signal an abnormal baby who might be dead or unhealthy in the womb:

1. Fatal Movement:

Any baby in the womb should move fatally; thus with energy and all forces that it has. If you notice yours doesn't move in the womb even for a week or two, just go for a medical checkup please. The child may be abnormal yet you are not even aware. Movements are what the child should perform in the womb; it is part of the baby's hobby in the womb.

2. Heartbeat:

As soon as your baby is in the womb, you will realize its heartbeat actively starting from the third month onwards. If this has never happened to you as a mother or it started and now it is not happening, please move in for a necessary medical checkup before your life gets in danger too.

3. Weight Gain:

A well developing baby in the womb should be increasing in weight as time goes by. This is just like from any other normal human being who is developing. If you notice weight loss as a mother, go and see a doctor please because this may not be very promising to your life.

4. Pre- Labour Position:

A good baby who works hard in the womb should be finding the way out of the womb especially on the last month. This is a good sign of giving birth soon! If you are a mother who discovers that this has not yet happened, then it is not a good show thus consult your health specialist please.

It is a good reminder to us though most of us underrate it. Share to your fellows please and follow my channel too for more updates like this. For now thank you for reading my article.

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