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"After 5 Years Of Barrenness I Delivered Twins. My Hubby Told Me To Kill One Of Them."Lillian Stated

When Lilian Asangire gave birth to her twins she was filled with unexplained happiness and this was after staying for five years without children. However her happiness was quickly cut short by her husband who he asked her to kill one of her children as per the tradition.

Lillian who was born in Kericho said that she was born and raised in unstable family. Her mother was a drunkard and her father never saw the need of educating children. This forced her to work as a househelp at a tender age.

She said that when she found a job as a househelp in Nairobi she was excited to start her new life at the age of sixteen. She worked for her employer for two years and in that process she met a handsome man as she described him.

They exchanged contacts and after a few months of dating they took the step of marriage by living together. Lilian introduced him to her parents and he was loved unconditionally by her parents. However the love wasn't the same at her husband's family home and instead of treating her well they turned her into a househelp once she visited them.

Lilian didn't mind the I'll treatment and she continued to live with her husband. However things didn't go as planned after she failed to sire a child for five years. Her inlaw disliked her even more and her husband mistreated her for being barren, but as fate had it she became pregnant after five years.

Lilian was pregnant for twins and after nine months she gave birth to her bundle of joy. Life went on well until when she took her children to her in-law's for blessings. She said that while she was there her husband informed her that she had to kill one of the children because twins were not allowed in their tradition.

Lillian couldn't do it and she opted to run away with the help of her friend and neighbor. Lilian went into hiding in her parents house for months until when she was able to rent a house for herself. She said that her husband never called or look for them since that day.

Lilian has been facing alot of challenges raising the children alone and she is appealing to well-wishers to help her in this difficult times in her life.

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