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Pregnancy period

How can Urinary tract infections affect you when pregnant.

When one is pregnant, the fine hormonal balance that exists in the body is disturbed. This hormonal change affects the urinary system, favouring the growth and development of bacteria. The next cause of these bacterial growth is the fact that during pregnancy, one is unable to completely empty their bladder. So, the extra remaining urine is a site for bacterial growth.

Another important way through which these bacteria are inoculated into the body is by wiping one's self from back to front. This transfers the bacteria that leaves in the anus to the genital area. From there, they can move upwards into the urinary system.

Much rarely, these bacteria can be transferred through coitus. This is the reason why one should wipe herself after that interaction.

Now, these bacteria can infect the kidneys, the ureters, the urethra and the bladder. The common symptoms are;

more frequent urination

Passing out urine that has a bad smell

The urine is usually has an abnormal colouration

Pain during the process of urination, and some abdominal pain as well

When you experience such symptoms, be quick to see a doctor, because some of these infections can be transmitted to the baby. Do not self medicate yourself because, not all drugs are safe during pregnancy. Some can cause spontaneous abortions and loss of the child.

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