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'Je, Mbona Wamebadilika?' ODM Party's Latest Change Of Tune On BBI That Has Left People Wondering

Honourable Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted to amend the constitution of Kenya in order to expand the National Executive. They planned to achieve this through BBI bill. The bill had made a good progress in Parliament. It was passed in more than twenty four county assemblies and in the National Assembly. The process was out on hold by the High Court. The court ruled that the BBI bill was null and void because it did not follow the right procedure as stipulated by the Constitution of Kenya of 2010.

However, the ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has said that BBI bill is not a matter of life and death for ODM party. He said that if the Court of Appeal stops the process, they will move on and plan their political future. He said that the bill was only made to better the lives of Kenyans by making the National government inclusive.

"BBI is just a conversation not a matter of life and death for ODM. If the courts stop it we will move on as a fast and you wouldn’t believe it," Sifuna said on Vybez Radio.

According to him, they made a mistake by allowing too many propoganda to be directed to the BBI. "...Ruto is the source of the problems. You cannot be the source of problems then come and articulate solutions," Sifuna said.

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