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What to do if your Partner is not Interested in Having More Children

Couples are at times faced with complicated challenges related to intimacy issues. When the number of children planned for differs from one another , disagreements begin. In this article I will show you how to go about it.

1. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for not addressing the problem sooner.

You can be resentful with yourself for not bringing up the topic sooner. However, condemning oneself for waiting too long would not fix the problem. Instead, approaching the situation with a little empathy and absolving yourself of any blame may be a better way to go forward with a clearer head.

2.Seek expert assistance.

Begin by informing your partner that you require assistance in resolving a quarrel. With time, therapy sessions will undoubtedly benefit you.

4.Maintain an open mind.

To make it easier for your partner to open up to you, learn about their sentiments. They may be blaming job or financial concerns for not spending quality time with you as a pair.

5.Consider all of your options.

Fostering children could be one path to motherhood that both parties agree on. Adoption may be one of your partner's dream.

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