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Chaos In Kitale As Businesses Is Brought To A Standstill Due Demonstration By The Residents

Today business was brought to standstill by residents of kitale town demonstrating over the demolition of there business areas and shops three months ago.Police officers are said to have excessive force and some of the residents were injured.Kiminini member of parliament dr Chris wamalwa was very tough to the police officers over excessive use of force. He said that the force and pressure used was against human rights in the kenyan constitution.

The residents complained of there shops that were brought down by the county government the charter of Ps Khaemba,tranzoia county government.The government claimed that the shops were build on road reserve and it was must to do so because of high way being built.But it is right to say that the county government of tranzoia failed to give out places where the residents could continue their businesses.

Though the government has tried to come up with multi standard stage which was opened last year ,it should also try to fix the issues of business men and women. It is through these businesses that the residents earn a living and pay school fees for their children.

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