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Age gap In Relationships and marriages

Yes and no. There are definitely ages where there is a learning curve. There's a lot of developing and growing that happens after high school, and when people reach around 25-30, they've already figured out more life and career goals. That could be the main problem when it comes to an age gap. However, my dad is 11 years older than my mom and they've been married for 45 years.

My boyfriend is 5 years older than me and I connect on a deeper level with him than anyone I dated who was my age or close to my age. At the end of the day, it really depends on the individual. I find it difficult to date a guy years younger than me. I ever tried dating a guy who was older than me and I would be so insecure and emotionally not satisfied of whether he is the one or not but also I see so many couples who are happily married with the same age gap of the woman being older.

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