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Finnally Uhuru Acts To Claim His Position From Sabina Chege

Controversially removed from his post as Jubilee Chair, the former president of Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, tried to defend it. In a statement to the media, the group headed by secretary general Jeremiah Kioni admitted that it did not recognize a previous decision made by the Kanini Kega- led faction to choose a nominee for a member of Parliament Sabina Chege in place of the former leader of Kenya.

On Tuesday, the Jubilee party announced that Sabina Chege had officially replaced Uhuru as the party leader. However, the move has now been termed as null.

In a statement to the press, the faction led by Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni revealed that they did not recognize the decision made by the Kanini Kega- led faction to replace Uhuru with Nominated. Member of Parliament Sabina Chege. The statement highlighted that the ouster did not follow the party' s constitution, and therefore Uhuru remained the Jubilee Party chairman.

" The rebel group is being commandeered from the State House with Kenya Kwanza showing a blatant disrespect and disregard to multiparty democracy," the party added. The party leader is the ultimate authority over all party officials and organs, according to an argument made in a statement headed by Jeremiah Kioni. The statement went on to say that because a dissident group cannot remove a party chairman from office under the terms of the Jubilee Party Constitution, Uhuru Kenyatta will continueto head the party.

Uhuru and his crew also revealed that the government had given the Jubilee rebel group permission to overthrow Uhuru. Jubilee criticized the government' s intervention in their internal matters as a result, claiming that it is obvious that Ruto was not honest in the anticipated bipartisan negotiations.

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