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Things you didn't know about schizophrenia, a genetic mental illness

Majority of rugged men in the streets commonly known as mad men suffer from a condition commonly known as disorganized schizophrenia. This is a mental conditions characterised by the following symptoms,

1. Hallucinations.

This is when a person experiences strange voices calling them or talking to them which in reality do not exist.


These are false beliefs whereby a person beliefs he owns the world or he is a prominent person in life which is not true. Their beliefs are so strong that you cannot go against them.

3. Thought disorder.

Whatever this people do, act or say will clearly indicate that their is something wrong with their thinking. Their thought is surely detached from the normal thinking.

4. Disorganized behavior.

They tend to always carry all the dirty laggage they come across and wear as many clothes as they can thus the name " disorganized schizophrenia".

These people are refered to as mentally disabled but when properly treated and followed up in a psychiatric clinic, they can go back to their normal lifes and become important people in future

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