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Three Cheapest And Safest Places You Can Raise Your Family In Nairobi

We all move from rural areas and go to the cities like Nairobi, Mombasa or even Kisumu to look for better life.

As we look for the better life we also grow interms of family and we find ourselves looking for a place where our family can grow without exposing them to any danger.

Parents find it hard to get enough space for their kids due to the high cost of living especially high rent.

it's not easy to get a specious and nice place to live in when you have a family that need a two bedroom house or even a bigger one.

is Milk One litre of Milk goes for as low as 40b to as high as 50bob. A cabbage that will cost 120bob at Nairobi will go for 50bob.

We all came to Nairobi to look for better life. A life that could create a good environment to raise up a family as well as taking care of the family back at home.

But as the family grows in Nairobi shelter becomes a major basic need followed by food, clothing and education for your kids.

Parents find it hard to get enough space for their kids since the cost of living especially rent is too high.

Let's get this off our shoulders by getting to know the some of the best places to live with a big family.

1. Kikuyu- Just few kilometers from the Central Business District Nairobi, Kikuyu has very specious houses at a very affordable rent. The most recommended area is a place called Kidfarmaco where you get a two bedroom house with as little as ksh. 12, 000 to as high as ksh. 30,000 depending on the house model.

On food, you will have easy time to source for fresh milk and fresh garden food direct farm since the environment is surrounded by farmers who produce variety of fresh products ranging from vegs to dairy products.

2.Kitengela- This area fit for someone with a family since the cost of living in this area is lower than most of the areas within Nairobi.

A two bedroom house here goes for as low as ksh. 13,000 and as high as ksh. 32,000 depending on your taste.

3.Utawala- Two bedroom house in Utawala goes for as low as ksh. 12,000 to as high as ksh. 24,000 if lucky you will even get the same size with ksh.10,000. Security in this area is also well maintained.

These three areas winds it up our search for the suitable residential area where one can raise their family without a lot of strangle.

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