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Business Management analysis

A wholesale Business You Can Initiate With More Than 100,000 shillings.

Wholesale business generates a good income be it in small centers, growing towns or even big cities like Mombasa among many other towns in Kenya.

With wholesale Business you just need to find a suitable place which will expose you to a lot of customers. Such places will increase your customer traffic and therefore you will sell your items at a higher rate which is always the dream of any business person.

Opening a wheat flour wholesale can be bring for someone a good income be it daily or monthly. Wheat flour is used to prepare a common meal chapati which is almost used by everyone as food in Kenya. If there are individuals who doesn't use chapati then it is only a few number of them.

It is also used in bakeries when baking cakes and other items. Currently there are many individuals who have invested in baking cakes for sale and therefore these individuals may prefer buying your goods.

Wheat flour have several uses that we can not outline all of them but we have mentioned a few of them in the above paragraph. The list can be long and endless.

To open a wheat flour wholesale you need roughly 100,000 shillings to start and run this business. You will first identify the room where you will be operating your business and pay rent before somebody does so. You will also need to pay for business permit and other related requirements that comes with the same which can roughly cost you 6,000 shillings.

After you have attained all the requirements you can then go ahead and link with the wheat flour companies like Ajab company, Ndovu company among many other companies that you may prefer. This two mentioned companies many people prefer buying there products and you must consider that.

From the company you can have a discount on the total items you buy and therefore this can make you generate good come after selling your items.

For example the 2 kgs Ajab bale of wheat flour from the company can cost roughly 1,500 shillings and on selling those wheat flour at 140 each you can make roughly 1,690 shillings.

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