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China Square Reopens After Government Talks, More Details Revealed

Nearly two weeks after closing it due to criticism from the government and neighborhood merchants who claimed he was undercutting them on prices, Mr. Lei Cheng, the Chinese businessman and head of China Square, has reopened his store. He goes by Charlie and runs China Square.

"Sure, we're accessible. We reopened today, but due to lack of publicity, the attendance was not as high "said he.

However, he continued, "We are confident that in the coming days, things will have returned to normal.

In response to allegations that it had driven Kenyan traders out of business with its low prices, Mr. Cheng had previously declared that he would close the store and reassess its business strategy.

China Square, which opened in January, quickly won Nairobi residents over with its inexpensive goods. The Nyamakima traders, however, did not take kindly to this and have since organized demonstrations against foreign merchants.

The merchants met with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who assured them that the administration of President William Ruto is prepared to end unfair regulations that have imperiled their companies.

Moses Kuria, the secretary of the Trade Cabinet, had initially directed China Square, a shopping center on Thika Road, to sublet its space to Nyamakima businesspeople.

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