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No Electricity In These Areas On Thursday 7th, As KPLC Gives Updates.

Electricity is normally the most used source of power at home and working areas.However the electric systems requires to be regularly checked to avoid risks associated with faulty systems.The Kenya Power Company Limited is the board with the mandate to provide all services concerning electric power to all customers.


In addition all information including electricity failures, disconnections among others is also presented to the power company.Moreover on Thursday KPLC workers will be carrying out servicing programmes in various regions country wide.Mombasa, Kiambu, Isiolo, Nyeri among other counties will be affected by the electricity blackout.During the servicing process the electrical systems are disconnected hence electricity failure.

However not all areas of the counties will be affected since the task is scheduled for specific areas.As a result of this individuals can adopt to alternative sources of power such as generators to minimize the inconveniences caused.The electricity will however resume in the evening hours upon completion of the task by the electricians.

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Isiolo KPLC Kiambu Nyeri


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