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Check How These Vegetables And Fruits Looked Like In The Past


The top image shoes a 17th century painting by Giovani Stanchi, it shows a type of watermelon that no one in the modern world has seen. Because of breeding, the scientist managed to modify smaller watermelons with a white interior into the larger red version we know today.


Since 10,000 years back, the people of Papua New Guinea and Southern Asia have enjoyed the taste of bananas. But bananas were domesticated only 7,000 years ago. Their look and taste still were very much different from the modern ones. The modern ones are the hybrid of Musa acuminate and Musa balbisiana but their taste and look have been significantly improved.


They were domesticated in the third millennium B.C. the Aztecs called it “forest oil” (Chronicles of Peru by Pedro Cieza de Leon, 1553). Initially they only used the avocado pit which they crushed, mixed with soot and used as medicine. In fact the avocado pit made up 80% of the entire fruit at that time.


The first kind of this fruit looked like small and dark berries, originated from South America but in Europe they were believed to be poisonous and were grown as ornamental plants only for a very long time.


Ancestors of the cucumbers were thorny and their fruit were full of seeds, but the important thing is that they were poisonous. They were only cultivated to be used for therapeutic purpose. They were first used as food in India more than 6,000 years ago.

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