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Citizen TV's Wahiga Mwaura Appeals For This Urgent Help From Kenyans

Citizen TV senior news anchor Wahiga Mwaura who has today sought for urgent help from Kenyans in a move that is set to be a major boost to a family.

Wahiga Mwaura who is one of the top most media personalities in the country has been influential for the past few years attributed by the fact he has hosted and interviewed top public figures in the country.

For that reason in aim to use his fame in a big way, he has today shared a message where he asked for support from Kenyans so as to help a certain family with an ailing mother.

In the message shared, Wahiga Mwaura urged any Kenyans that any shilling one has can assist in a huge way so as to service a bill incurred a mother who is battling pancreatic cancer.

"This family needs our support. Do what you can Insta-fam. Every shilling counts." Wahiga Mwaura penned.

"My Mummy @rnnyaga has been unwell 💔😪.It’s been a hard journey so far, and one full of trusting in God for every day miracles 🙏🏾

Right now we’re raising money for her ongoing treatment and we need all the help we can get! Please also keep praying for us. We need strength, support, and socially distanced hugs 🙂-ns." The message further read.

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