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Meet a Kenyan Dj Who Has Supplied Bibles to Over 400 Schools,Dj Lebbz

Dj Lebbz is also an artist. He has decided to specialize in gospel industry. Has partnered in many local songs

He is married and has two boys. Due to stiff competition in the DJing industry Lebbz has decided to do things differently from other djs. He the owner of uplift and entertainment Academy. He has supplied bibles to over 400 schools across the country most of which are from Murang'a central Kenya. And he said he not going to stop any soon.

He was hosted at citizen tv by timeless Noel on Sunday bambika show. Timeless Noel asked him to solve the riddle, it has five figures but has no life. Dj Lebbz was unable to solve the riddle. Lebbz was seen scratching his head hard. He was helped by timeless Noel who informed him the answer was gloves. He could not afford to fail the second riddle. He got thesecond riddle right. Has many keys but can't open any door. The CEO courageously said keyboard.

Then Timeless Noel had to confirm his DJing on live TV. He asked Lebbz to dj on citizen tv studio and was given the chance by the TV's dj. He performed marvelously after catching up with the studio equipment. His mixes were good which made the bambika Sunday morning show more enjoyable.

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