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Longest Word In English With 189,819 Letters

The above letters look like a paragraph but the opposite is true. It is just a word.It is the longest published word ever in a dictionary where different scientists came up with it as a chemical name.It is very unique and extraordinary containing one hundred and eighty nine thousand,eight hundred and nineteen letters long hence breaking the Guiness Book Of Records.The word takes about three and a half hours to pronounce to those who are fluent in reading fast.The word is a full scientific and chemical name for a giant and the largest protein ever to be discovered in the world known as Titin.It is also called Connective by scientists.

If you want to hear it being pronounced,just search on YouTube there's a man who knows how to pronounce it well and properly.Now you know,try to pronounce it well during your leisure time and see how enjoyable it will be.

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