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Pastor Ezekiel defend LGBTQ members saying they should not be judged but show them love

Pastor Ezekiel has come out talking about the matter of defending members of LGBTQ in Kenya from judgement and trolls saying they should not be judged and trolled but rather they should be shown love. He has asked parents before condemning them they must first view them as their son or daughter and from that perspective they will know they are not supposed to be judged but loved and shown the way they should follow.

He also said that through judging them they would do it in private and tomorrow their son or daughter will be recruited and they will never know.He has therefore asked Kenyans to reject it but not to attack them but rather show them the right way to live in accordance to God's will and pray against the altar of homosexuality.

Pastor Ezekiel added that their is spirit forcing them to do. They have been with them in church talked to them and they are not doing for their own but their is spirit forcing them.

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