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Sabina Chege explains why a section of Jubilee politicians overthrew Uhuru

Sabina Chege, the interim leader of the Jubilee Party, claimed Thursday that the removal of former President Uhuru Kenyatta from that position was necessary to prevent the party from further disintegration.

She claimed that the events that led to her change of allegiance reeked of betrayal, and Mr. Kenyatta had made no attempt to lead in a progressive manner.

Despite being a member of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, she spoke about her liaison with the Kenya Kwanza government and claimed that "there is currently no law that binds us in this pre-election package."

Mrs. Sabina claimed that no gathering of coalition leaders had been scheduled to lay out the future course of action, allowing everyone to think about potential choices.

"As for the Jubilee Party, we would have perished if we had remained in Azimio. We would have perished if we had hunted alone. So that we could go out to hunt in good health and with full stomachs, we considered it wise to devise an independent tactic with the help of our companions, she stated.

She added that Deputy President had since surpassed Mr. Kenyatta as the region of Mount Kenya's political power center.

Because of his political status, Mr.Gachagua is known as the kingpin of Mount Kenya without any formal ceremony

Sabina says that as party leader, Mr Kenyatta had overseen a downward trajectory of the former ruling party to the point where the 28 elected leaders in the National Assembly were losing focus.

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