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Angry Kenyans Attack DP Ruto Over His Remarks On Laikipia Insecurity

It has been a tough moment for the security officers in Laikipia after their mission of restoring peace in the area failed to succeed.The bandits who were targeted are reported to have been armed strongly.Unfortunately, three out of eight officers have been reported dead in the incidence.

The video of the deputy president William Ruto has not been warmly welcomed by the citizens in the social media.The DP was viewed lecturing Dr Matiangi' and the IG to do their work well.He claimed that it is embarrassing to see the officers being overpowered by bandits in a peace restoration mission.

However, citizens have mocked the DP claiming that he is part of the government that is failing to provide enough security to the common citizens.According to the citizens, DP Ruto ought to assist the government to make better arrangements rather than offer his statements that may not help to sought out the problem in Laikipia.

It is so sad to have lost the officers in the unfortunate incidence.We pray that their souls will rest in peace.We also hope that the government is going to go an extra mile of solving the constant problem of insecurity in Laikipia and Baringo county.

Recently, the Baringo County Commander claimed that the bandits have been incited by prominent people in the government.This is a sad experience for the residents of Laikipia.Kindly share your views.

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