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How Politicians Are Using Projects To Look For Votes

Politicians are known to be very active politically when election time nears. Currently we are witnessing various development projects in our villages which we have be waiting for the last 4 years.

Politicians are buying balls and jerseys to youths and organizing tournaments for them. This is what the youths have been asking for since the current politicians came into power four years ago.

The politicians are nowadays seen in villages after going missing for 4 good years. When they were called to 'Harambees' they were no where to be seen. Bursaries were a tough thing to get , now anyone who applies for a bursary has a very high chance of getting a portion of the bursary money. Politicians are soft spoken and available when needed in this period as we approach elections.

These politicians are only aiming at wooing voters for next year's general election but not for the good of the citizens. They want to cover up the ills they have done to their constituents. They want to cover up their tainted images, corrupt deals and tribalistic acts. Kenyans should be keen to choose wisely their leaders in the next year's general election.

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