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If You Come Across This In A Hotel Room Or In A Public Toilet, Leave Immediately

People are more eager than ever to take advantage of you, and you never know when you'll be the target of their next nasty tactic. The best way to prevent our loved ones from falling for fraudulent scams is to educate ourselves and others.

This coat hook looks like a regular hanger, but it can also be used to display light garments thanks to the double-sided tape on its back.

The authenticity of coat hooks in public female bathrooms is questionable. At first look, these hooks could be mistaken for nothing more than an interesting ornament. These pegs hide hidden cameras. In most cases, we ignore the hooks on the back of doorways until we actually need to use them.

Spy hooks, which can be purchased with relative ease in the UK, are deceptive in appearance but conceal hidden cameras that record footage through a small hole in the plastic's top. A hook like this should raise instant red flags in any public space, such as a bathroom, changing room, hotel room, etc. The tiny opening at the very apex of these hooks should be avoided at all costs. That's how a webcam appears.

For example, there have been covert recordings of women while they were changing or showering. It's already terrifying that criminals can get their hands on surveillance camera connections so easily and cheaply. You should pay heed to those hooks on the wall even though they don't look like much. It's important to note that there are two points. A coat hanger such as this one is unusual.

You should immediately leave the area and contact the authorities if you come across one of these hooks in a public location.

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If you see this in a public restroom or hotel room, leave quickly (source: source=tsmclip&utm medium=referral

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