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7 ways to make your relationship magnificent

Have you been worrying lately that your relationship is about to become boring? It is said that all that you and your partner would need is a little more spice. You are right to want to bounce back, so here are 7 magnificent ways to make him go crazy for you:

Say no just when he's too eager.

Don't just hop into bed with your man each time! Make it extra hard for him to make love to you. Hold out on him this once and see how he'd react. He may have gotten used to being given sex each time he wants it but now - make him suffer and ache for you!

Flirt like there's no tomorrow.

Flirting will make him more excited to be with you. He will also feel that he's still desirable in your sight and this will definitely turn him on. Touch this guy and he's just about ready to jump into bed with you!

Affirm your love for him.

You may have gotten used to the day-to-day schedules that you've already taken each other for granted. Just affirm your love for him once more and this should warm up a typically boring and ordinary day.

Snuggle closer to him.

Just when he thinks that he's just going to watch his usual TV sports show on his own, why don't you sit with him on the couch and try to snuggle closer? He would most definitely welcome this gesture and who knows where this would lead to?

Striptease in front of him.

And just when he thinks that he's going to bed on a very uneventful night, surprise him with a little erotic dancing. With the right kind of sexy lingerie, this should successfully lead to steamy lovemaking!

Ask him out on a date.

Putting bread on the table can put its strains on your relationship, and before you know it, you're already too tired to even cuddle. If you have such busy schedules, try to set up a weekend getaway with him. This should revitalize your love for each other as you would both look forward to that moment.

Be naughty at times.

It can get pretty boring if you always play the role of Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes. You may want to whisper some naughty pick-up lines at his ear. This new you might shock him at first but this will soon turn into a pleasant surprise and watch him exchange innuendos with you.

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