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10 Flirting Signs That Girls Do That Guys Always Miss

1. She gives him likes on social media.

The most common type of flirting on social media is giving you a string of likes on your post. You know when they go back to your old post and like every single one of them, and your notification will only be from them.

2. Doing things that he likes to do.

This girl might be verbal about her hobbies and interests and, surprise, surprise, her interests perfectly align with yours! If she publicizes these interests on social media, then this sign is even clearer. The more recent her interest in the hobby, the more likely her actual interest is in you. It’s a flirty way to get closer to you.

3. Posting romantic quotes on her stories.

How many times have you tapped past a story because it’s just some quote or reposted poem? Most of the time, right because it’s too long to read?

4. Laughing at his not-so-funny jokes.

Unless you’re a comedian, then your humor probably isn’t that good. I’m kidding, my humor sucks. We might crack good jokes now and again, but most of them are only worth a giggle, right?

5. She asks for his company.

Guys often overlook it when a girl asks them to go somewhere with them. Honestly, if the girl isn’t inviting the guy to her house, he probably rolls his eyes at the idea of walking her anywhere. I mean, girls can walk themselves, can’t they? Yes, they can.

6. Looking at him from across the room, looking away, then looking at him again.

They say that three seconds of eye contact is enough to make a person remember you. It sounds short, but staring at someone for three seconds is pretty intense. To not be a creep, a girl might instead do the double-take to get your attention.

7. Sarcastic comments about how awful he is.

Female friends can bag on guys just as badly as their counterparts. The difference is the goal. If a girl bags on you in her sarcastic tone, she’s joking with you.

8. When she approaches him first.

The first move is a bold move. This flirting sign doesn’t mean she stays long to talk afterward. She might go up to a guy and just say hey, ask him a question, or even chat for a bit before stepping away. The important part is that she walked up first.

9. Correcting her posture in front of him.

When we are attracted to someone else, we do both conscious and unconscious things to try and attract them back. From smiling playfully to leaning forward, body language says it all. If you notice a girl making adjustments to your posture in front of you, she’s trying to be as presentable as she can to make a good impression on you.

10. Dressing up around him.

Another part of being presentable is style. A girl who dresses to the nines around a certain guy is trying to stand out from any other girl in the room. This could include wearing makeup to casual events or putting on clothes that accentuate her body type.

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