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How To Test For HIV/AIDS Using Your Saliva(PHOTOS)

Everyone between the ages of thirteen and sixty-four must get an HIV examination at least once as part of routine screening. So many people have AIDS and have no idea they do.

If you or a loved one is more susceptible to contracting HIV, such as through needle drug use or unprotected sex, you should get examined frequently. Screenings are offered in a variety of places, including pharmacies, community fitness facilities, and your doctor's office.

You can take the test anytime suits you as well. Here are the steps to take and some information for self-verification.

Forms of Home Exams

HIV testing by mouth at home.

This examination can be ordered online or at a drugstore. Saliva is examined quickly to check for HIV antibodies. Swabs of the upper and lower gums are taken using a look-at-stick. The pattern is then put into a vial of fluid, and the result is checked 20–40 minutes later.


The Home Access HIV-1 Test System is extremely precise. It routinely detects HIV antibodies, according to studies, demonstrating that your blood has the AIDS-causing virus. If the lab receives a high-quality result from one test, it will validate your pattern with all other tests before releasing your results.

If the test yields a negative result, proving that you do not now have HIV, it is also 99.9% accurate. You might ultimately rely on either response.

The oral rapid at-home HIV test's sensitivity has dropped. This test will show HIV antibodies 92% of the time. Using this approach, one out of every twelve HIV-positive individuals will be left out. Because Ora Quick rarely produces false-positive findings, it is unlikely to tell you that you don't have HIV when you do.

But if you check the quality on Oral Quick, experts advise that you recall the results before moving on. You must acquire a second opinion from your doctor or a reputable medical center to validate it in order to receive the required care.


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