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She Became The First Arab Female Pilot At 15 And Assasinated At 19, Meet Touria Chaoui

Touria Chaoui was born in Fez, Morocco in the year 1936. She was born in the family of Mr Abdelwahed Chaoui and Mrs Zina Chaoui. Because of the connection that her father had as a journalist and a theatre director, Touria Chaoui got a chance to feature in the film "The Seventh Gate" which was directed by a French director called Andre Zwoboda.

It was in this film that her passion for aeroplanes started. The movie inspired her to go for piloting. In 1950, her father enrolled her in an aviation school in Tit Mellil, Morocco. During those years, native Moroccans had no opportunity to join the aviation school. The school was only reserved for the French Forces in Morocco.

The school admitted her with the hope that she would fail and give up soon. Little did the school know that she would work hard and emerge a victor. In 17th October 1951, Touria Chaoui was licenced as a pilot and became the first Arab female pilot at the age of 15.

She made headlines in the international newspapers and this captured the attention of everybody all over the world.These news did not go well with some people who wanted her fail and dead. There were several assasination attempts on Touria Chaoui that failed until 1st March 1956 when she was killed at the age of 19 while driving her younger brother from school.

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