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Would You Rather Have Money And Lose All Your Friends

1) When running a business, you need to understand that to be able to have high profits, you should exclude your friends from interfering with your business because, when you allow them, they influence you and make you have a poor management of the business hence start to have losses.

2) When starting a business with a friend you should know that there are higher chances of you having loss because, mostly friends who start a business together often neglect setting up measures when they can be used in case a worse scenario occurs such as conflict between business partners.

3) When people who are friends start a business together they end up setting business goals which would make the business not be able to bring a huge profit, because their emotions influence their judgment hence ending up not setting predetermined business goals which could make the business fail after a period of a few months.

4) Setting up business with your friend will make your business not grow because people have different visions, hence you find out that you have a few common business startup goals while having other different business goals with your friends that would help in the expansion of the business.

5) Running a business with your friend becomes difficult because there are difficulties experienced when measuring the business progress. This is because it is difficult to check your friend’s productivity in the business.

6) If you start a business with your friend, then the business starts to run smoothly, the operation of the business may be made to be less effective. This is because friends who are the business partners may disagree and break up the friendship.

7) In conclusion, starting a business with a friend is a risky idea, there are certain limitations to it, such as people having different objectives and different goals, making wrong decisions due to one’s friendly emotion for the friend and end up making the wrong decision. leave your comment of what comes in your mind after going through.

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