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Hon Babu Owino Reveals The Expected 2022 Political Line-up

The line-up for the country's 2022 top political leadership positions has always been a guess for many Kenyans since leaders have not come out clear on lineups and coalitions expected in the next general election.The handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his partner Hon Raila Odinga which led to formation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI),the devorce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee partner Dr William Ruto,formation of Dr William Ruto's UDA party are the main cause of all these confusions.Inspite of the fact that Raila and Ruto are not in good terms politically, recent allegations of the proposed coalition between ODM leader Hon Raila Odinga and UDA's Dr William Ruto alias (RARUA) alliance has been the major political discussion in the country.However,Embakasi East member of parliament took to social media saying that Raila is not going to form a coalition with Ruto, the legislature went ahead and post how the line up will be in the next general election, interestingly, prime minister and deputy prime minister positions are included meaning BBI bill is set to be passed before the 2022 general elections, president Uhuru Kenyatta being in the line up means that he is not set to retire after 2022According to Kenyans' reaction to the post,it is clear that they do not agree with the legislature and therefore against the line-up, non representation of youths and women, Uhuru Kenyatta not retiring after 2022,Joho being the speaker of the national assembly and Dr William Ruto being the opposition leader are the main concerns of Kenyans

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