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Latest Update On Kiambaa Polls, Here Is Current Votes Tally

According to the latest update by the independent and boundaries commission, the UDA party is still leading in the kiambaa election as he is being followed closely by the Jubilee candidate.

According to the latest report which has been given by the IEBC officials, the UDA party candidate is ahead of jubilee party with over 500 votes. The two parties are still battling for the seat as it is expected to go to any party ad the difference between the two candidates are still narrow and any candidate can take the seat.

In addition I another election, there is also stiff completion between the UDA party and Jubilee. According to the votes the UDA candidate has already gathered, it is clear that the deputy president William samoe Ruto is giving the Jubilee party sleepless night as he also control larger part of central Kenya.

Who do you think can win the election, do you think Ruto enjoys large part of Central Kenya compared to Uhuru Kenyatta? Share your views and thoughts on the matter.

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