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Citizen TV's Stephen Letoo Meets With His Ex-bae As They Spend Time Together With Their Child

Citizen TV's senior political reporter Stephen Letoo recently met with his ex-lover and baby mama Winnie Nadupoi, and the duo even spent time together with their son Leyian Santino Letoo.

Photo: Stephen Letoo, his baby mama Winnie Nadupoi and their son Leyian Santino

This was clearly seen via short video clips that he uploaded on his insta stories on November 29, 2021, where they spent the day at the Hub Karen shopping mall in Nairobi.

While at the place, the former lovebirds even made sure that Santino Leyian enjoyed himself riding a red toy car as shown by the photos below.

Well Winnie Nadupoi also today confirmed that they were together on Monday, after she paraded a similar video clip today of the young one driving the car while donning the same yellow outfit.

The curvy queen also gushed over him saying "My little champ".

Winnie Nadupoi and Stephen Letoo's Break-up

Winnie Nadupoi and her baby daddy Stephen Letoo broke up earlier this year after dating for sometime.

They and are now co-parenting to raise the young one, whom they birthed together in 2019.

Days later after he was born, the media personality took to his Instagram account and introduced the baby mama to the public eye for the first time.

Rumours of their relationship being on the rocks however started earlier this year, after the father of one and his baby mama deleted all photos that they had taken together from their social media platforms.

They also unfollowed each other.

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