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Pwani University Driver's Last Words to Students After Brakes Failed

According to a survivor who spoke about the incident on Friday, March 31, the Pwani University bus driver told the students on board to fasten their seatbelts minutes before the collision.

The student claimed that as the bus approached the Kayole neighbourhood in Naivasha, the driver raised an alarm after realising that the car's brakes needed repair.

The driver gave the students safety belt instructions in his message to make sure they were protected from any potential dangers.

The survivor added that the bus driver made an extra effort to stop the vehicle in order to save their lives.

It was discovered that the driver swerved to avoid bumps and potholes in the road in an effort to slow down the car.

All of these efforts were in vain because the bus struck a 14-seat matatu and then flipped over on the drainage adjustment on the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

"It was a stroke of bad luck that our bus's brakes failed. Everyone on the bus was instructed to fasten their seatbelts by the driver. It's as if he predicted what would happen. Following that, he attempted to control the vehicle and even attempted to hit bumps to see if the bus would slow down, but this proved futile "He stated.

The accident involving the Pwani Bus on March 30 has been attributed to brake failure. The cause of the brake system's failure, however, was not yet known.

The university bus was seen travelling at a high speed in the middle of the road on the CCTV and dashcam footage that obtained. In the accident, 18 people died and scores more suffered serious and minor injuries.

The car, however, was in poor condition, according to students at the Kilifi County-based institution. As they protested inside the school, the students demanded to know why a defective bus was permitted to transport them. For interschool competitions, the students were travelling to Eldoret.

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