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8 Reasons Your Period Is Late

One of the scariest happenings for a sexually active girl is not getting her period. Here are some of the causes:

1 Being stressed: relax your mind and let things flow to avoid pressuring the part of your brain which functions to trigger the release of hormones responsible for ovulation and menstruation

2 Sickness also can cause delay-ment of the periods. However, if it persists seek medical attention

3 Due to starting or stopping birth control pills, but after sometime your body adapts and you now have a regular schedule again

4 A drastic change in weight, either addition or reduction can affect your menstrual cycle

5 It's okay to exercise but don't over do it

6 As embarrassing as it sounds, their is also a possibility you miscalculated your days. This can be solved by downloading an app from your phone that will be doing the calculation for you

7 And finally the obvious reason is you might be pregnant.

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