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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe Commits A Big Mistake That May Finish Him Completely

Mutahi Kagwe.

Since the big money KEMSA corruption scandal was unveiled, Mutahi Kagwe has never had peace. Many of the people who had trusted him a lot turned their back on him and his Health Ministry. In fact, some people even called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to sack him.

Although Mutahi Kagwe survived that mess, he may not be able to survive this one again. That is because a serious mistake has been made in his Ministry again. A mistake that may end up affected negatively the lives of many people in the country.

That is because it was reported by the Daily Nation that the Ministry of Health released toxic ARVs to patients. It is said that the drugs were phased out years ago due to their adverse side effects on patients have now been sent to counties.

Imagine the whole Ministry of Health sending toxic drugs to counties so that patients can be given. That is madness from Mutahi Kagwe and his Ministry. It is a big mistake from Mutahi Kagwe that may end up finishing him completely this time round.

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