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Activities That Are Likely To Keep Parents Busy During The Term One 2021 Holiday (Opinion)

The term one for the academic year 2021 which actually started at unusual month of July 26th contrary to the normal way where by it could start during the month of January is soon coming to an end as from next week

According to the 2021 Academic calendar, the term is set to reach its end by October 1.

Several activities are expected to take ace ahead of term two that is during the term one holidays.

Parents will be involved in depositing school fees for their learners as they receive the bank slips showing the fee payments which will be used by the learners during reporting for term two 2021.

Purchasing of school uniforms by parents to their learners are some of the activities that will be taking place in preparation for the term two.

Some parents will also seek for transferring their learners to different schools due to some reasons among other activities.

It means that after the closing of term one 2021, parents will be engaged in different activities in preparation for the term two 2021.

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