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"My Husband Had Me Arrested And Jailed A Few Days After Coming From Cancer Surgery" Lydia Narrate

Lydia got married to a pastor, with two children from a previous marriage. The husband was very abusive and used to beat her kids and beat her as the kids watch.

She was later diagnosed with cancer, and had to undergo surgery and later undergo chemotherapy.

After she came from the hospital, the husband raped her and beat her up as the children watched.

In this marriage, lydia gave birth to two kids and had a total of 4 children. After coming from hospital, the Husband took 3 kids to his mum and she was left with the first born to take care of her. The first born was 11 years old.

8 days from coming from surgery, she noticed that she was bleeding alot and because the husband didn't care, lydia talked to her friend from Facebook who connected her with another Friend who took her to a safe house, together with her eldest daughter.

Two week after she went into the safe house, the husband called and told her to go get the kids. When she went to take her children, she found the police waiting for her. Her husband had Reported that Lydia had abandoned her kids for more than 3 months.

She was taken to court and was asked to pay a bail of 20,000. Since she couldn't Afford, she was taken to jail awaiting to pay bail. In jail , she couldn't eat since her body was still weak from the chemotherapy. Her health deteriorated and everyone was afraid that she was going to die.

Her fellow inmates started Sacrificing their morning porridge, saving it to help Lydia since it was the only thing she could eat.

After the bail was paid, the Husband heard about it and changed the charges. The new charges included that she was unstable mentally and that she was in cancer stage 4, declaring that she was not in a position to take care of the kids.

When she was taken to the children's officer, since the kids refused to stay with the dad, she was told to take the kids under the condition that she would take them to school.

Luckily, a good samaritan paid for everything was needed for the two kids to go to school.

Lydia and her kids has been surviving with the help of well wishers.

She went back to hospital for check up, and the doctors declared she was cancer free, but her spinal code is very weak thus making her weak to a point she can't wash her own clothes.

At this point, Lydia is appealing for more help. Her case is still ongoing, her health is still deteriorating and her kids need to go to school and to eat.

She is calling upon everyone one in a position to help to help her.

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