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"Uhuru To Open the Country by Tuesday if NOT I will do it Myself," Nairobi Politician Dares Uhuru

Since the closure of the five counties of Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Nakuru and Kajiado kenyans in this areas have been decrying had times occasioned by the lockdown. Yesterday some kenyans took to the street to pressure the head of state to reconsider his earlier decision on the lockdown and allow business to resume.

A hashtag of #UnlocktheCountry has been treading for some days with kenyans expressing how this lockdown has affected their lives. The most hit by this lockdown has been people in the Entertainment industry, hospitality sector and the transport sector.

Today a Nairobi based politician Alinur Mohamed has dared president Uhuru Kenyatta to open the economy by Tuesday leat he will do it himself. Alinur took his Facebook account where he posted;

"Businesses are dying in the entertainment, tourism, education and hospitality industry in kenya. Things are getting harder by the day. As I meet H.E president Uhuru Kenyatta today I will plead with him to open up this country. If he doesn't open up by Tuesday I will do it myself." Posted Hon Alinur Mohamed.

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