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Dead Man "Refuses" to be Buried For Wishes Not Granted as He Rejected Wife's Participation in Burial

There was a road drama along Kisii-Kilgoris highway after a hearse which was carrying the body of a businessman ahead of his burial stopped moving and stalled for an hour before proceeding with the journey to go bury the body. 

The relatives said that the hearse grounded to a halt since the spirits of the man were unhappy with his children and his wife. The children and the wife had accompanied the body, a thing that contributed to the incident. 

The family members however "pleaded" with the body which is a normal culture in various communities. The family asked the "man" to forgive the children and the wife and cooperate. A relative said that such an incident had not happened to them before and it was the first time it happened in their family.

It is claimed that the businessman died of coronavirus. The relatives also revealed that before he died he had issued orders that his alienated wife together with his father-in-law should not be involved in his burial ceremony. 

Relatives however forced the children and the late businessman's wife to alight from the hearse and be carried by another vehicle. The relatives and those who witnessed say that it was strange since the hearse begun moving immediately the children and the widow alighted. 

An uncle to the deceased revealed that the businessman was working in the US. The uncle added that before he died, he had fallen out with the wife. The uncle also claimed that the wife had misused all the money the businessman was sending her for investment while he was working in the United States. He said that the man was angered by his wife. He also said that the wish of the businessman was not to involve the widow and the in-laws during his burial.

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